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What is bark blowing?

Bark blowing is a highly effective way of applying mulch to your landscape. Rather than dump massive amounts of mulch and wheelbarrow it around, bark is installed from a truck through a hose up to 200' for accurate installation. This process allows much better control of where the bark is applied and is ideal for getting around plants and installing in large areas or hillsides.

This prevents dirt stains on the sidewalk or driveway and wheelbarrow grooves through the lawn. Most of us are looking for professional landscaping, as it provides a much more aesthetic look to their yard and home. Using the bark spraying method, you get the beautiful look of fresh mulch in your yard (which of course benefits your plants as well), and there is no need for the extra effort of wheelbarrows and shovels. Bark blowers have many advantages that start with the benefits of mulching your yard.

Bark Options

Bark options

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